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U IceCream
Our Ice Cream Factory «ZAICA» has existed for over 15 years,
during that time the team has developed 48 flavors of ice cream,
of this amount 30 flavors is in constant production.
Company history began in 2000 with a small point of sale
of ice cream in one of the universities of Khabarovsk city,
after a year of such work we decided to manufacture our own ice cream,
because we wanted to provide the citizens of Khabarovsk with
tasty and high quality product.
Each year the company wins prizes in
the regional competition «Khabarovsk brand»,
but the greatest reward for us is the loyalty
of our customers.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern Tetrapak brand
equipment which meets the technical and sanitary standards in Russia
and abroad. Every workman is enrolled in college of food industry,
as well as other manufacturing facilities in the west part of Russia,
it helps to learn from the experience and improve product quality.
With gladness and pride we show our production facility
to any visitors and conduct daily guided tours for children
and adults in our factory. We dedicate them in basis
of the ice-cream manufacturing process, tell amazing facts,
and of course give them the great deal of most delicious ice cream to taste.

Using exclusively Russian origin raw materials we achieve
high quality of the final product, save all the useful properties
of the natural products.
Using the natural and high-quality raw materials is
the main principle of our work. That is why we are entering into
a narrow range of client's factory producing the best milk in Russia.
Also, we are pleased to support local
Russian Far East manufacturers, so we use the Far East berries
and nuts for filling our ice cream.

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